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Lila has absolutely loved this class! Being exposed to different types of media and techniques while getting to explore an inspiring artist has been a wonderful experience for her. Genie is awesome and — even at a (Social) distance — has built a relationship with all of the students and a sense of camaraderie. What a fabulous experience!

Happy Parent

Go to Social Studio Baltimore for all your kid and adult art making needs! R made this treehouse playground in a mere two hours this morning. Genie Arnot is such an amazing teacher and she has put together a beautiful studio that makes art accessible to everyone.

Happy Parent

Genie, congrats on accomplishing a such meaningful feat. With art, we can feel the ground move beneath our feet and the air more oxygenated. You’ve given the community a dedicated place to grow and daydream. You’re amazing!! Go on!

Social Studio Enthusiast 

You taught me negative space, how to draw faces and many more really cool things! Most of all you showed me how to connect to other people and things and that is really powerful.

Art Student

Being a student in your class is a gift that we are so thankful for.

Grateful Parent 

I could not let this year end without telling you how grateful I am that you were Avelynn's art teacher for four years. She sees herself as an artist and a problem solver because you expect them all to be.

Proud Parent

Thank you for being a wonderful art teacher! I loved art classes with you!

Happy Student


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Summer Sketchbook Club is a free online activity that is very popular! Unlike other #socialstudiosessions which are small class sizes and structured content with lots of social and art development, sketchbook club is casual and there are a lot of kids of all ages! #socialstudiosummer #sketchbookclub ...

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NEW CLASS: 3 sessions of Abstract Art for Adults. Sign up for one or all. In-studio, masks a must! Limited space. Materials included. #adultartclasses #socialstudiosummer ...

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All the art elements work together to make up what you see at the most basic level. However, everybody has an art element bias: shape, line, texture, form, color, space, value, which is evident in how you record what you see. Sometimes you fight it, sometimes you work with it. What’s yours? #sketchingoutside #tweencamp #artcamp #socialstudiosummer ...

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A favorite story today at POWER HOUR! 4-5pm. Kids get read aloud, writing prompt, drawing prompt, and share time! Sign up to join in! ...

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The prompt for sketching outdoors was: draw something small, something big, something close, something far, something solo and something in multiples. #sketchingoutside #tweencamp #artcamp #socialstudiosummer ...

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Happy 4th of July weekend! ...

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#socialstudiosketch by Esme “2 halves make a whole” ...

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In studio camp for 6 kids only! Bring lunch, make art, make friends. Sign up TODAY under “camps/workshops” on website! AGES 10-15. #socialstudiosummer #artcamp #tweensandteens ...

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