Social Studio is the place for art excellence – the place to explore, engage, express, expand, exchange, and empower!

The results: increased creativity, connection, and community!

Do you want to direct your personal passion to do social good?

We will help you use your talents and art interests to address community and social issues important to you. 

Are you a parent looking to inspire and support your growing artist?

Our many options will challenge your child’s creative mind. He/she will feel respected, build positive relationships, and grow as an artist in a fun and engaging environment.

Are you trying to figure out how to make space for art in your busy life?

Let us help you fit creative time into your schedule and connect you with a community eager to help you cultivate and explore all those ideas you’ve put on hold.

Social Studio offers quality visual art opportunities for everyone, toddlers to adults.

Our schedule includes:

  • Classes
  • After-school programs
  • Workshops
  • Collaborations
  • Paint parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Creative process critique groups
  • Open studio
  • Sketchbook club
  • Portfolio prep
  • Preschool sessions
  • and more!

What our students (and parents) have to say

This is my favorite two hours of the week! Genie opens the session with a group warm-up that is both fun and instructional. Then, the participants can work on projects of their choice. If you're not sure what you want to do, or how to do it, Genie guides you. As you work, you feel supported and by your fellow artists. The sense of community is second only to the spirit of creativity at Social Studio.

Elated Adult Student

It’s so much more than an art class. She had them engaging with science, nature and geography. They were singing songs. My daughter was bubbling over with pride after class. When she draws with us she is easily discouraged that she can’t draw like an adult. With social studio the projects are age appropriate and she is able to engage with peers. As a fellow arts educator I’m super impressed.

Happy Parent

Love that it was interactive. I wasn't sure if my daughter would be allowed to talk during the class because of the size but, she was able to talk and show her art work. I was very impressed. The teacher is very enthusiastic and you can tell she genuinely loves her job.

Diana B.

Lila has absolutely loved this class! Being exposed to different types of media and techniques while getting to explore an inspiring artist has been a wonderful experience for her. Genie is awesome and — even at a (Social) distance — has built a relationship with all of the students and a sense of camaraderie. What a fabulous experience!

Happy Parent

Go to Social Studio Baltimore for all your kid and adult art making needs! R made this treehouse playground in a mere two hours this morning. Genie Arnot is such an amazing teacher and she has put together a beautiful studio that makes art accessible to everyone.

Happy Parent

Genie, congrats on accomplishing a such meaningful feat. With art, we can feel the ground move beneath our feet and the air more oxygenated. You’ve given the community a dedicated place to grow and daydream. You’re amazing!! Go on!

Social Studio Enthusiast 

You taught me negative space, how to draw faces and many more really cool things! Most of all you showed me how to connect to other people and things and that is really powerful.

Art Student

Being a student in your class is a gift that we are so thankful for.

Grateful Parent 

I could not let this year end without telling you how grateful I am that you were Avelynn's art teacher for four years. She sees herself as an artist and a problem solver because you expect them all to be.

Proud Parent

Thank you for being a wonderful art teacher! I loved art classes with you!

Happy Student


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Class schedule

Our student’s

Recent work

This group participated in the holiday season preparations by making origami “water balloons” (little boxes) to cover the lights! So festive. So fun! 💡 ...

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SPECIAL SALE on WEEKEND WORKSHOPS for December! Make 3 different lights this month on Sundays 1-3:30pm. Ages 9-adult. $55 one class and $150 for all 3. LIGHT UP: 12/4 paper folding festive fairy lights and ornaments. 12/11 piano antique player paper and wood frame construction table lamp 12/18 wrap a wire frame cage inspired by hanging lights of Ana Kras. Each class breaks for hot chocolate, tea or coffee! 💡 The Pay It Forward Fund is always active so all who are interested can create. For 2022 the coupon codes are: 2022PIFF10 (10% off), 2022PIFF25 (25% off), 2022PIFF (50% off) & 2022PIFF75 (75% off). ...

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Join the WEEKEND WORKSHOP this Sunday 1-3:30pm and make decorative lights and ornaments reveling in paper folding play! Register: ...

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ADVANCED AFTERSCHOOL ART made playing card houses this week. This is a great way to start a winter session full of 3D design and building activities! ...

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When glue is icing and buttons and beads are candy you get a gingerbread house that lasts forever! 🍬 ...

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Winter session started today and the Monday cohort of STUDIO CRAFT made orb ornaments with washi tape, tp tubes, telephone wire and beads. ...

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Red or white? WEAVE & WINE is a special workshop where you give yourself the gift of creative time and end up with a gift! Weave a cowl using the ingenious pattern from Flax & Twine. No experience necessary. Adults only. This is a 2 class workshop: Thursday 12/1 & 12/8 6-8pm. Register under “workshops” at 🧶 ...

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