Social Media Art
with Social Studio 

Let’s make art together … wherever you are.

Why? Because learning and growing is a social activity.

Artists of all backgrounds and skills deserve a community built on inspiration, support, feedback, and empathy.

Though Social Studio’s social-media-based art activities you’ll:

  • Build confidence
  • Find greater self-awareness
  • Increase your range of ideas and possible outcomes
  • Find that the creativity and perspective skills you develop in art can be used in all areas of life.
  • See yourself and others through art and together discover how to be ourselves.

Get started by following us on social (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and join the daily fun!


Social-Media Activities

Social Studio Online Sketch


Practice. Practice. Practice! Social Studio Sketch is a daily practice of responding to an open-ended prompt with a sketch challenge as a way to explore and express our perspectives. Sharing our work teaches us to see and respect the way others see too.

Social Studio Online Sundays


An informal introduction of an art or craft to a virtual community on Instagram Live. Social Studio Sundays presents projects you can do together as a family, at home with easy to find materials.

Social Studio Online Sessions


Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean we can’t make art together. These group classes are designed to develop art-making and creative thinking skills on various topics.

Social Studio Online Stories


Let’s read and get inspired to make art. Social Studio Stories creates opportunities to read and relate to stories from the children’s book collection at Social Studio. The story is followed by related art activities.


Find new perspectives and sharpen your skills through our daily sketch challenge. Share your creation and tag @socialstudiobaltimore with hashtag #socialstudiosketch


Day 7 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Fancy #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

21 3

Day 12 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Disgusting : Turkey Vulture. I love birds, but this guy...just...awful. #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

21 3

Day 12 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Slippery #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

25 2

Day 17 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Storm #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

15 1

Day 13 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Dune. #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

17 4

This #socialstudiosketch was very relaxing! I grateful to be able to make some art at home even when socialstudiobaltimore is closed. ...

16 1

Day 8 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Teeth #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

15 3

Day 12 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Slippery... #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

18 1

Day 9 of Social Studio’s “Inktober” Sketchbook Challenge: Throw #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

19 1

“Rodent” #socialstudiosketch #inktober #inktober2020 ...

55 3

#inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch FISH ...

46 1

WISP #inktober #inktober2020 #socialstudiosketch ...

25 1
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Sundays are for making things together. Social Studio Sundays are art initiatives you can do together as a family, at home with easy to obtain materials. Join us on Instagram Live.

#Socialstudiosundays is a free activity that’s fun for the whole family at 4:15pm on Sundays. Register online. This week intern Julia will teach you how to make dragonflies. Materials: pipe cleaners, beads, and mini google eyes. Packets available for pick-up if you add to order! ...

13 1

#SocialStudioSundays is a family friendly art activity made with objects easy to find around your home. We also make “Softly Social” craft packs for $5 that match the week’s activity. This week is MONSTER TISSUE BOX. Sign up to pick up your packet under “online classes” at AND get another “softly social” craft pack for free. Many of the craft packs have how-to videos on the Social Studio YouTube channel. We do the activity together on Zoom @4:15pm on Sunday afternoons. Money for craft packs goes into the “Pay It Forward” Fund. More about this fund and how to give to or access it is on the website. Pick up for packs is outside the studio - 737 Deepdene Road, Baltimore. ...

5 0

How awesome is this!!! @marymarymu turned today’s cyanotype print into a #socialstudiosundays banner! Thank you Mary for a great afternoon. Watch it on IGTV and make art in the ☀️with you family! #bitchinstitchin #cyanotypes #summerishere ...

15 1

After 12pm tomorrow “Softly Social Craft Packs” will be available for those who requested one when you registered for #socialstudiosundays - see online classes. For more family fun craft activities check out Social Studio on YouTube. ...

9 0

Fun things to do in the ☀️- learn how to make sun prints with @marymarymu TOMORROW at 4pm on IG LIVE 🌿#socialstudiosundays #sunprints #cyanotypes #familyartactivities ...

9 0

Shadow painting #socialstudiosundays ...

19 0

Join mother and son special for #socialstudiosundays at 4pm where we make a paper flower bouquet. See stories for suggested materials! 💐(idea and images borrowed from @gettymuseum) ...

15 0

Join in the family fun of #socialstudiosundays and learn a perfect summer craft - Fortune Tellers! Invent your own answers, especially now when the future is so blurry!! Sunday afternoon 4:15-5:00pm/Zoom, FREE - taught be intern Liv Loeb🌟Register “online classes” - link in profile. ...

21 0

I’m creeping towards 1,000 followers which means the word is spreading about Social Studio! Thank you for your support and participation in this growing creative community! Now, with Social (Distance) Studio, art opportunities are available beyond Baltimore. HERE’S HOW TO PLAY: Tag a friend below who might be interested in #socialstudiosessions (online classes) #socialstudiosketch (daily sketchbook challenges) #socialstudiosundays (family fun art activities presented on IG Live) or just wants a fun follow! Your name will be entered to win a waterproof logo sticker great for water bottles, computers or cars (see award winning logo by @hersickwebster on picture above). Winners will be announced Sunday at 4pm on IG Live. On your mark, get set, GO! ...

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Enjoy a story from Social Studio’s children’s book collection followed by art integration activities.

Today in POWER HOUR we will read “Knots in a Counting Rope” - a sensory story about a blind boy and the importance of storytelling! Sign up to join in from 4-5pm for reading, writing, drawing and sharing! #socialstudiostories #summerreading ...

9 0

At POWER HOUR the kids shared how they would help others when they thought they needed courage. Here are some of their answers: ELSIE - I will make sure that people who need courage will have an animal they really like near them to help them move through the dark mountains. OLIVIA - I will believe in whoever needs courage so that they can do it. They can always try again if they can’t do it. I will be so happy that I help a lot of people. LAURENCE -  I will help them to get through the hard parts by giving them the tools they need to get through (like a boat and hiking sticks and masks). When you help others get through their fears you get more courage and friends. #socialstudiostories ...

12 1

We will read a story about wolf brothers today and learn why the moon is full each month! Join us! #socialstudiostories ...

8 0

Want to stop being the teacher, but have your kids still learning? Sign them up for POWER HOUR a fun hour of stories, ideas, and sharing at that time of day everyone needs a break from each other! Space is limited. #socialstudiostories ...

16 1

Power Hour: A small group of kids logged on from 4-5pm for a read aloud, writing prompt, drawing prompt, and share and it was interactive and inventive! Dr. Seuss did not always get it right. Many of his illustrations perpetuate stereotypes and present a biased world view. However he nailed it in this book: The Sneetches! #socialstudiostories #thesneetches #inclusive #exclusive #racism #equality NEXT POWER HOUR: Thursday 4pm, limited space! ...

9 0

Give yourself an hour and give your kids a #socialstudiostories experience! Sign-up under “online” classes at Today we will take multiple adventures at once with the magical word “meanwhile”! ...

8 0

Need a break while you transition to evening routines? Sign your kids up for #socialstudiostories ! I’ll read them a story and do art integration activities to follow! M & W 5:15-6pm #artintegration #onlineartclass #readaloud ...

13 0

Looking for something engaging and creative for ages 5-12? Social Studio has made 5 prerecorded lessons including a read aloud and 3 art integration activities. Choose one to try FREE. Reply with theme and I’ll send you the link! #socialstudiostories ...

6 0

Just in...SPREAD THE WORD! IG LIVE Read Aloud! I love this book, especially now. Kids and adults will love it. 4pm IG Live! #readaloud #socialstudiostories #notajoke #greatbook #childrensbooks ...

14 0

Another version of color and feelings made by #socialstudiostories student! She named all the colors she mixed after a feeling or and experience that matched the color. The story for this activity is “When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry” by Molly Bang. 🎨 ...

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Connect to art through a supportive community. These group classes develop art-making and thinking skills on various topics.

So much happening all at the same time! Adult Open Studio #socialstudiosessions #adultartclasses #creativeprocess ...

34 3

I spend Saturday morning sketching with one of my students online. If you would like a private session online or in the studio, reach out and we will make time for your creative process! Also, in January, there will be another 8 week run of the CREATIVE PROCESS SEMINAR - an 8 week online class that works through each phase of the creative process with sketch prompts and reflections supported with a weekly check-in. The results include: full sketchbook, understanding of your own creative process and how it can be applied to other areas of your life, a series of work, connections with a creative community. Good for ages 10 & up! #creativeprocess #intentions #creativecommunity #artonline #socialstudiosessions ...

25 1

I try to use the summer months to gain new inspiration & rethink what I do and how I do things, so thought it would be a good time to help others doing the same: I'm hosting my next Social Media Strategy Workshop on July 28 💭
It will help you rethink/think about the way you can use your channels, set goals for your online activities and give you new ideas 💡
Space is limited, to keep it cosy & interactive! More info and sign up via the link in my bio. Would love to see some of you there 💚

#creativehappylife #socialstudiosessions #igersvienna

90 3

Planning some new Social Studio Sessions & Workshops, which Social Media & Digital related topics would you like to learn more about? 🤳🏻 #socialstudiosessions #igersvienna #creativehappylife #girlbosses ...

62 2

The joy of creation and making something that works! You can blow bubbles from a wand OR design a bubble machine✨💥⭐️ #designprocess #artandengineering #artandscience #homeschool #socialstudiosessions ...

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What our students (and parents) have to say

It’s so much more than an art class. She had them engaging with science, nature and geography. They were singing songs. My daughter was bubbling over with pride after class. When she draws with us she is easily discouraged that she can’t draw like an adult. With social studio the projects are age appropriate and she is able to engage with peers. As a fellow arts educator I’m super impressed.

Happy Parent

Love that it was interactive. I wasn't sure if my daughter would be allowed to talk during the class because of the size but, she was able to talk and show her art work. I was very impressed. The teacher is very enthusiastic and you can tell she genuinely loves her job.

Diana B.

Lila has absolutely loved this class! Being exposed to different types of media and techniques while getting to explore an inspiring artist has been a wonderful experience for her. Genie is awesome and — even at a (Social) distance — has built a relationship with all of the students and a sense of camaraderie. What a fabulous experience!

Happy Parent

Go to Social Studio Baltimore for all your kid and adult art making needs! R made this treehouse playground in a mere two hours this morning. Genie Arnot is such an amazing teacher and she has put together a beautiful studio that makes art accessible to everyone.

Happy Parent

Genie, congrats on accomplishing a such meaningful feat. With art, we can feel the ground move beneath our feet and the air more oxygenated. You’ve given the community a dedicated place to grow and daydream. You’re amazing!! Go on!

Social Studio Enthusiast 

You taught me negative space, how to draw faces and many more really cool things! Most of all you showed me how to connect to other people and things and that is really powerful.

Art Student

Being a student in your class is a gift that we are so thankful for.

Grateful Parent 

I could not let this year end without telling you how grateful I am that you were Avelynn's art teacher for four years. She sees herself as an artist and a problem solver because you expect them all to be.

Proud Parent

Thank you for being a wonderful art teacher! I loved art classes with you!

Happy Student


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