Creative Process Seminar

Reflections From an Artist

Post written by Chrissi Bourgoin

What drew you to Social Studio?

I moved to Baltimore in the late Spring of 2022. Initially I was seeking an art community so that I could establish friendships and connections that make creativity a priority. As someone who often tends to lean more towards introversion, what I really wanted is directly in the name: a studio where I can be social.



Practicing different perspectives, learning through other artists, and exploring different styles.

What were you looking for when considering the Creative Process Seminar?

In all honesty, I needed to get out of my head. I adopted the title “digital artist” about a year ago, yet I had no real direction or process in place. I’ve had many fantastic ideas come and go simply because my ability to create was scattered. I was the type that was always busy learning my craft, but essentially had nothing to show for it. When people asked what I did, I felt I had to whisper the part where I was also an “artist.” In starting the class, I didn’t necessarily think I would find something so drastic as a fresh start, but I was able to drop my expectations and allow myself to be completely open to the process. However, in completing this eight week course, I can confidently say I feel renewed. I feel I got so much more out of the class than I could have asked for because I stayed curious enough to try new things, and open enough to set aside what I thought I knew so that I could learn and relearn.



Mark-making and opening my brain to new ways of thinking.

How has committing to your creative process helped you cultivate empathy and connection?

Previously, I did not understand how to connect to others through my art. I truly did not understand how to finish a project that felt meaningful, or how to present that project in a way that allowed for connection. Instead, what work I managed to actually “finish”, I would either quickly show and move on, or I would hide altogether. What I really did not realize is that this seminar would gently guide me to understand the blockages I had created so long ago that prevented me from being the person I was trying to be. Not only was this seminar genuinely fun for me, it also taught me how to identify, understand, accept, and work through my previous patterns. I am confident saying that every person gets exactly what they need out of this seminar, not only because this is what I witnessed in others who did the course with me, but also because this is how the course is designed. It’s meant to be adapted for personal use. For me, my Creative Process was largely about establishing empathy and understanding for myself, which I hadn’t thought to do in the past. My process led me to connect with and understand my own feelings, patterns, and blockages, and that is what finally enabled me the ability to connect with others. Now, I have my very own creative process that was crafted specifically for me, and I have the tools to align myself with others in very powerful and meaningful ways. In fact, I’ve already completed 4 new designs intended for people I love, and I attribute this solely to the confidence I gained from the Creative Process Seminar at Social Studio.



Discovering my favorite ways to experiment! #perspective #surrealism #juxtaposition



My final piece – Fitting entire worlds into a lightbulb



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