Creative Process Seminar

Reflections From an Artist

Post written by Ruut DeMeo

What drew you to Social Studio?

I first visited Social Studio with my Finnish friends for a cultural writing event. I was immediately captivated by the energy in the space, and thought to myself, “I need to meet the person who created this.” I’m naturally drawn to studio environments because of my upbringing; the smell in Social Studio reminded me of visiting my aunt’s apartment in Helsinki. She and my grandfather both painted with oils, and their works informed so much of my own aesthetic. There was an air of raw creativity – much like those experiences in my childhood – in the open space of Social Studio. And then I got to know the people, especially Genie. And the rest is history.

What were you looking for when considering the Creative Process Seminar?

I was intrigued by the idea of trying out a new process, and perhaps even hoped to unlock some of my artistic congestion, but not exactly sure how that might happen. I was open to whatever might transpire and excited to go and buy my sketchbook and supplies. I looked forward to filling the pages with… I didn’t know what. I just went with it.

What surprised you about the seminar?

I didn’t know how transformative it would be for me. After just the first week, I was starting to speak a new language around my art creation. I didn’t realize what a groove I’d gotten into, and I hadn’t questioned those old ideas for entire decades. And in just a couple weeks, I was freer to imagine new outcomes. I was most surprised at the deep levels at which this process changed me.

I was also surprised to find out my own patience and capabilities. I made time for the tasks and really stuck to them… I know I will bring this stamina with me to other areas of my life from now on. As a result of making these pieces, I got a lot of clarity on other areas of my life. It was very cathartic.

How has committing to your creative process helped you cultivate empathy and connection?

I’ve turned outward. I’m no longer agonizing over my art being valued or mattering to the world. I’m thinking of how it serves people… How I can connect better with others… I think the Creative Process opened up these portals for me, simply because I followed the steps that were laid out before me. It’s like making a commitment to ourselves is what unlocks that empathy… The deeper we are willing to go, the more relatable and universal we become. I’ve always believed this anyway, and after the Creative Process Seminar, I know it’s true.


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