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Post written by Elaina Dance, Community Partnerships Liaison @socialstudiobaltimore

Art and nature have the power to reframe perspectives and offer moments of release during times of uncertainty. Mother Nature is a guide that illuminates the imagination at every step. Nature has a big impact on our brains and behaviors, helping us reduce anxiety & stress and increasing our attention capacity, creativity and our ability to connect with other people.

A quick trip to the outdoors has the power to improve immunity and bring creative inspiration. Soak up the peace and perspective you will find when you step into or look at natural elements.

  • A change of scenery can relieve stress.
  • Nature breaks are important for future focus.
  • Time without distractions drives new ideas.
  • Surrounding yourself by nature, even a few houseplants, can make you more caring.


TRY THIS: “A Thinking Place” Activity

Everyone needs to have some downtime in a quiet place where they are not interrupted—your own space to simply reflect, think, imagine, wonder and be alone. Find ideal outdoor thinking place (maybe it’s at the base of an old tree, a spot on a porch that offers a view of the sky, or next to a window where you can be inside & look out). Practice sitting in it. Practice thinking in it. Practice being with it. Use it when you need it. Give yourself the gift of time to simply sit, without interruptions amd noise. Savor the solitude!

TRY THIS: “See That Tree” Activity

Have you ever looked at a tree…truly looked closely at a tree? Trees are one of the those magnificent things in nature that surround us. Trees sustain us by breathing out what we breathe in, while providing wood for homes, bridges, buildings, boats furniture, art, accessories, clothing, paper, and more. For humans and other animals, trees also provide food, shelter, shade. Think about all the ways trees differ from one another. Consider their height and width, their bark, their leaves, and their branches. Stand like a tree. Sway like a tree. Sketch a tree! Hug a tree! Appreciate this vital and creative exchange with nature!

Tree Paintings from memory by Emma James age 7 May Pritchard age 7
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