The Environment Effect

Learning Better Because of Your Surroundings

Post written by Lucy Lee

You walk in and your eye darts to the array of artists on the wall, then to the foreign objects on the shelf, and up to the canopy of plants that hang over the wall.

The organized clutter gives the studio a feeling of safety and belonging. These microscopic details engage artists and affect their engagement in their learning. People are more likely to use what they learn when they feel engaged and happy and that is the environment that Social Studio provides.

Social Studio creates an environment where the space does part of the teaching. When you take a class at Social Studio, you are surrounded with inspiration and information which can make a huge difference. Having positive words posted all around, you are transported to a positive mindset. Social Studio presents you with an education environment that is both positive and effective in teaching, giving it a feeling like no other.

This idea of how people learn more effectively from an environment is a tenet of the Reggio Emilia Approach – an education philosophy in Italy. This approach is a way of teaching younger children in a more effective and beneficial way. This idea was started after World War II and Italy wanted change and has now reached all around the world. This philosophy surrounds the idea that children develop a personality when in elementary school and that kids should have some control over their education and be active and interactive members of creating their learning environment. They are taught “a hundred languages (sculpture, art, drama)” that can help them express and develop their opinions. This idea promotes how kids can learn better when they have some control over their education and environment and that supporting kids in their development rather than telling them what to do can be more effective.

We all know the spaces we want to revisit and those that make us feel uncomfortable. Consider what and how you learn in those spaces and the reasons why you do or do not want to be there. Do you feel welcome? Safe? Included? Inspired? Are you an interactive member of the environment? At Social Studio, the space is designed not just to learn about and make art, but to learn about yourself and others – to see and feel things in a new and positive way.


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