This spring Social Studio presents…

Blooming with the Creative Process

Post written by Rachel Arnot Rockwell

Spring is here! Nature’s patterns are taking place as trees and flowers open up after the long winter. In many ways, we are opening up too, COVID restrictions have changed and the pace of life is quicker again.  

Parts of you may have that quarantine yearning feeling every once in a while, when things slowed down enough to allow time for family and fire pits. You may have rediscovered your creative side through cooking, sketching, knitting, writing, sewing, building, or just being present. Transitions are hard; finding the balance is a challenge. The Creative Process yields calming, inspiring benefits. 

Join Social Studio Art blog for the next four weeks for ideas to spur your creative process in the midst of all that’s new and exciting this spring.  We will explore how the Creative Process can yield Comfort, Connection, Presence, and Focus and provide new ideas to help you bloom with the Creative Process this spring..

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