2/4 Bloom with the Creative Process…

Connection Counts

Post written by Rachel Arnot Rockwell

<em>Artwork by Asa Arnot<em>

No man is an island. 

We are all in this together. 

It takes a village.  

Cliche? Yes!  True?  Also, yes.  

We can conjure an image of an eccentric paint spattered artist waving their brush like a wand, a little crazed, with hair out of sorts on top of their head, determined to perfect a square inch of a canvas. Anyone who’s seen The Shining has a haunting image of a writer in isolation. Sure, artists go through phases of solitude to connect to themselves and their work deeply. But, the creative process requires connection to others too, in meaningful, energizing ways.

Last week you may have tried the Coloring Page Party with family or friends. Creating together allows time to enjoy the company of the ones you’re with all the time and to connect with them in memorable ways. The energy we get from connecting, and connecting through creating, can fuel you for the day or week ahead. 

Doing things for others can spur this connective energy too. Have you ever felt really down and noticed that if you did something for someone else you felt just a little better, maybe a lot better?  Maybe on a terrible day when nothing is going your way and you just can’t get your head in the place to make things feel positive or manageable, you’re walking to Starbucks and notice a mom with a stroller and two dogs has just dropped her full cup of coffee on the sidewalk. You run over to her and say, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”  When you return with two cups of coffee, one for yourself and one to replace hers, you both head into your days changed. The day just got better. You may feel lighter in your step and less worried about the length of your to-do list. Now it feels doable. Your overwhelm stayed on the sidewalk with the dropped coffee. Your connection counts.

 We need to connect with people and help people. Why?  Well- that’s a big question. A simple answer- it helps us too.  

This week’s activities will help you connect with people through art. They are great activities to do with family or friends and share with the community. Spend a little time creating and connecting you will notice a new, inspired pep in your step in the week ahead.



Baltimore Hunger Project sends notes of encouragement with every bag of food they provide for kids in need.  Make one, or a dozen, and deliver it to BHP.  You’ll notice a positive change in yourself as you create to connect.

Click this link for more info on making cards for Baltimore Hunger Project.


You can also pack a card with a little extra flare in your kids’ lunch, sneak a card under your brother or sister’s door, or mail one to your grandparent or cousin. Make something special and share it!


Check out Kindness Rocks Project(TM) https://www.thekindnessrocksproject.com/ This Project believes “One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life.” Make one or make many and leave them somewhere for others to discover.

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